Lisa M Kirk
Artist and Facilitator

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Hi Lisa, I have browsed your website and find it wonderfully inspiring. I am forwarding the website link to a dear young friend of mine who I know will love your paintings.
Cecilia Hutchinson - 3 May 2017
Lovely Lisa, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the Burning Desires show in Duncan this weekend! I have spent the last hour or two cruising through your webpage and feel truly inspired . . . and welcomed! I see you know my friend Corre (we went to school together!) I am sure our sunlit paths will meet again, shine on! Love and light, Ada Baby
Ada Bording - 9 Feb 2016
Just read your latest blog entry and loved it. Always enjoy reading your beautiful words Lisa! And learning from them too!
Kira Neumann - 7 Jul 2015
Very cool website-Very cool activities-Very cool soul. You can be proud.
Remi - 23 Nov 2014
Enjoyed your lovely exhibit today. As an artist myself, I love viewing and being inspired by other artist's work. Thank you so much.
Bev Petersen - 9 Aug 2014
Hi Lisa, Thanks for the gallery tour. Your "Heads" were especially fun to see after the NIDES class today. I'm really glad I was fortunate enough to sub on an Art day and be in your class. It was also good to chat about our kids. Take good care. Diane Williams, November 2012
Diane Williams - 9 Nov 2012
I love that painting called 'Observation Hill'. Whoever bought it is very fortunate!!
Fifi Larouche - 18 Aug 2011
Hi Lisa, The light in the world shines through your paintings! I love the "found" paintings - finding the lost years, one's gold, youthfulness and possibilities. Thank you for the chance to look into your inspiring, hopefilled world!
Heather MacLeod - 18 Aug 2011
Hi from Toronto. Enjoyed the last garden show we attended.Colourful,lively fun and engaging. Wish you success and hope the weather is nice for the show. Stan and Iris
Stan and Iris Shikatani - 27 Aug 2010
I love your work, your colors are so inviting. I am sure many would love to buy your art.
Danielle Lambrecht - 23 Dec 2009
Dearest Lisa, Thank you for inviting me to your website. You must be very proud of your accomplishments - your art is amazing. Let's keep in touch! Linda
Linda Szilagyi - 16 Dec 2009
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